Credit Balance Resolution

Vammy Tech Healthcare Solutions specializes in enhancing the financial performance of our clients by seamlessly supporting Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and related processes. As a Partner to our clients, Vammy Tech serves as a direct RCM extension to Hospitals and Faculty Practices by leveraging healthcare expertise, technology and qualified resources.
Vammy Tech has built strong working relationships with our clients to consistently meet their needs as credit balance backlogs are prioritized and processed. Incorrect adjustments, erroneous credits and misuse of debit codes makes this Credit Balance task quite challenging, requiring precision, attention to detail and a focus on operational excellence. All Vammy Tech analysts are diligent and well trained to ensure outstanding credit balances are accurately resolved in an expeditious manner. We understand a professional and cooperative environment is the key to resolving more credit balances, many of which become 'account corrections' as opposed to actual 'refunds'; hence, our operational model is highly client-centric.

Highlights of our capabilities:

  • Analyze accounts along with EOBs
  • Work all assigned accounts - big and small-balances
  • Resolve all accounts - inspect for patient liability or other adjustment issues
  • Determine if Double Payments were made - if so, refund as required:
  • By Patient and Insurance Carrier
  • By two Insurance Carriers (both acting as Primary)
  • Vammy Tech provides the highest levels of security, with a SAS 70 Type II internal-controls audit, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Check for Duplicate Payments made for the same account Many Credit Balance Analysts have earned or are earning the designation of Certified Patient Account Technician (CPAT) from AAHAM

By taking charge of your Credit Balances, Vammy Tech can expeditiously decipher, process and post refunds and/or account corrections to consistently ensure the overall integrity of your revenue cycle

We'll take care of the technology so you can focus on your patients. Build a customized solution for your practice.